Cropredy reviews
Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival
10-12 August 2006, Cropredy, Oxfordshire

Frown, Status Quo message board:
Absolutely staggering, I saw you guys ages ago when I was passing through Derby and thought you were good then, but this was something else. From top to bottom of the field at Cropredy you managed to get some 20 odd thousand bearded folkies up off their arses and headbanging like true pros. I saw Peggy stage left giving it some as well, and Geoff Hughes (fat Eddie Yates) looked thoroughly pissed off when you had to finish and the stage crew wouldn't allow you an encore even though everyone there wanted one. Looked like you enjoyed the big stage as well; plenty of room to strut. Did any of the other bands get to see you? it would be interesting to know what they thought as you really shook em up. I had a mate with me who was sceptical but gave himself away with a manic grin and some frantic air guitaring. Nice one guys.

Chris Dixon, Status Quo message board:
You guys Rocked Cropredy. Having been a Quo fan for thirty or more years, I can say that you stole the show at this years festival. Having been to the last 6 events and my partner for the past 20 (she thought you were great entertainment) You managed to get all the fuddy duddies up on there toes and jumping around to the sound of Quo, and even brought tears to the eyes of some (I guess that was Rick's Dad) Congratulations on a job well done. I will forward the photos later. Keep on Rockin, Regards Chris "the Smudger" Dixon

Barnaby Smith, :
Fairport are so very good to us. While the celebration of acoustic roots music with a few jigs thrown in comes first, Nicol, Pegg and the guys know that each year a mindless rock band must play to give proceedings a good kick up the arse. Thus Friday's opening act was Shameless Quo. No more than a bit of fun to wake up the masses, they attracted a surprisingly large crowd for a noon start – probably because they are one of the few bands playing here whose songs the audience can be sure of knowing. What's more, Francis Rissole and Rick Profit proved to be substantially better musicians than the real Quo.

JaneTomlinson, :
The party started with Shameless Quo a Status Quo tribute band, who inevitably began Saturday's proceedings with 'Rocking all over the world' to get the crowd going. They followed this swiftly with 'Caroline' and the still growing crowd began to rock. I'm not a Quo aficiondo but these guys sounded pretty well note perfect and brought the right amount of groove and excitement to the opening set. They took a Fairport song, 'Mr Lacey' and gave it the QUo treatment, too. Hits kept coming and the crowd loved it.

Trevor Jones:
As a live music fan and Fairport fanatic, who has seen Quo on a few occasions, I just want to say thanks for a brilliant set. Keep on Rocking lads, I will keep a look out on your site for local gigs. Cheers

Will S, talkawhile forum :
Shameless Quo was an excellent way to begin Friday with a real boogie

Yotter, Surrey, talkawhile forum :
Of the heavier rock bands, I liked Shameless Quo the best 'cause they didn't take themselves too seriously.

FoxyLady, Gloucestershire:
Shameless Quo - taught my son & his friends how to head-bang, having seen a pic of that am now rather wishing I hadn't!

Nigel of Lysander, Hereford-:
Aimless Quo were great fun

MarkV, Aldershot:
I did far too much walking and my knee was playing up. Shameless Quo, I should have been boogieing to but couldn’t

Gower Flower, Gowerton, Swansea :
We played Shameless Air Guitar along to Shameless Quo

Bentley Ben, talkawhile forum :
Anyway, back to the music. I headbanged to Shameless Quo and I played air guitar too. They were great. Suzanne had taken me to see the real Status Quo back in June at Silverstone and we both thought that Shameless Quo were a great tribute band.

Barry Nipple, Nottingham:
Not being a folk fan it was nice to see the awesome 10cc and king pleasure and the very fun shameless quo (did someone say they were wearing wigs? I never noticed!

Graeme H, Birmingham:
Shameless Quo a great way to kick off the day. enjoyable, not too taxing. Steaming Billy *very* nice.

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