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The Story So Far...


The Ostrich Festival, Longford, Derbyshire   5 July 2008
Another outdoor event promising a weekend of quality live rock, pop and blues acts over three days. We are headlining on the Saturday. More information can be found here

Duffield Carnival, Derbyshire   28 June 2008
This was an outdoor event so we hoped the weather would be good...and it was! Last year this event was cancelled due to the field it was to be held in being under three feet of floodwater but this year there wasn't so much as a puddle. We were the headlining evening act in the main marquee, the early afternoon spent setting up the PA and Lighting rig behind the Womens Institute tables. While soundchecking there was a loud whistling coming from the direction of the speaker stack stage right which we eventually realised was in fact a whistling kettle on the boil, being used by the WI on their tea and coffee stall!! We've not seen one of those for years (or heard one for that matter). We were supported by a young local band by the name of Gold Rush, who did a fine job of warming the audience up for us with their soulful jazz,funk numbers. We have been asked to return next year , unless of course the floods return.....

Wolverhampton Cricket Club, Tettenhall   6 June 2008
A corporate event for Lloyds bank. Lovely venue scenically, but the acoustics of the room left a lot to be desired

Bonefest 2008, Hanbury Memorial Hall, Hanbury, Derbyshire   21 March 2008
Andy Bones' Birthday bash with us being our own support act by not dressing up, swapping roles on the instrument front and playing some non-quo tunes for a change


ShamelessQuo's Annual Christmas Party, The Duke of York, Burton Road, Derby       22 December 2007
It's a long running tradition of ours to play a gig at Christmas at this particular venue, mainly because it's so close to home. Every year it gets a little bit bigger, a little bit grander and some years the pub doesn't run out of beer!!! This was a great way to end the year and our last gig of 2007! It's the first Xmas gig for Andy Bone our new man on keys, so we made sure he didn't fill half the stage with gear 'cos it's only tiny. Thanks to everyone who braved the cold winter air to see us. Good to see so many familiar faces in the crowd, especially those who sported our new 10th Anniversary tour shirts. Thanks to Sparks on the lights and Guy for doing a sterling job on sound. A clip of Rock n Roll recorded on the night is available to download below if you want to either relive some of the party all over again or if you are just curious to see what you missed. Here's to the next one!

     rock n roll 

Allenton British Legion, Allenton, Derby  1st December 2007
We will be appearing at Allenton British Legion Club in Derby on the 1st of December. Have to say we,re looking forward to playing live again after a few months rehearsing a few new numbers to add to the set. For those attending it will also be a chance to get your hands on our new 10th Anniversary Tour shirts, so if you still need a few pressies for Christmas then look no further!

Cropredy Fringe Festival, The Brazenose, Cropredy  11 August 2007
Following last years appearance at the Cropredy festival we were asked to headline at the Brasenose in Cropredy village. Since we always pay a visit to the Brasenose while we are in Cropredy for the festival, what could be better! The main festival was sold out but you were able to see us if you could squeeze yourself into the large outside stage area at the Brasenose! This was no small gig as the village was virtually overrun with festivalgoers. We were supported by 'Leatherat' who are a great band in their own right. Information on how to get to Cropredy can be found on Fairport Conventions site at

Derby Beer Festival, Assembly Rooms, Derby  13 July 2007
We were pleased to be asked to play the main stage again at this prestigious event. Lovely big air conditioned stage. Andy Bone made his first appearance as our new keyboard wizard too, so anyone attending this event will know what a treat this was! There was also obviously a lot of beer to be sampled. The crowd were amazing and made the hall appear much bigger by virtue of their cheering, so thanks for that! Doors for the evening session opened at 6.30 nd we were on the main stage around 9pm. Support on the night was provided by a great band called Chaser and Shamus Oblivion were also be performing in the smaller Darwin Suite. We had a great time despite the rain outside trying to dampen things whilst loading and unloading the gear. 'Nuff said!

 Duffield Carnival, Derbyshire  30 June 2007
An outdoor event so we hoped the weather would be good! Alas it wasn't and the event was cancelled due to the field it was to be held in being under three feet of floodwater. However we have been asked to return next year (weather permitting!)

St Peters School, Littleover, Derby  27 April 2007
We did our bit for 'charidee' by playing a fundraiser at St Peters Junior School in Littleover, Derby. The School has a new stage so we put it to the test, especially with the jumping up and down on Burning Bridges. A very enjoyable evening with lots of screaming fans and autograph signing. Most of the teachers were up and playing air guitars too. The Quo Army now has a few more members - some as young as five!

 The Fishpond, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire   3 March 2007
Our first time out at this popular venue, and thanks to everyone who came along and rocked their socks off. Great to see so many familiar faces again - Mr and Mrs Modem and family, Suzi Q and Dave, Fine Fine Fine - and a few new friends too including Brokenman and Quo-dacious both of whom we had previously only known from the official Status Quo message board. The acoustics at this venue are great, which is just as well as this gig was recorded with a view to being released as part of a CD/DVD package later in the year! Some tickets for this gig were also touted as prizes in a competition run during the day on Radio Derby.

Headline Slot at Northrepps Cottage, Overstrand, near Cromer   17 Feb 2007
February saw us braving the winter cold and travelling to Overstrand near Cromer for a bit of sea air and the odd Quo tune or two. Luckily we had some great weather considering the time of year. Many thanks to Scott at for booking us and a special mention to 'The Lost Boys' who did a great job in the support slot.


Live session on Radio Derby  15 September 2006
This was a great way to start a weekend and was a lot of fun to do. The staff were impressed enough with our versions of Rockin' All Over the World , Down Down, Break the Rules and Caroline to suggest having us back on a regular basis. Part 1 of this broadcast is now available here for you to download and listen to and parts two and three will follow very soon

Fairport Conventions Cropredy Festival  11 August 2006
This years festival was a very special one for us as it's an almost lifelong ambition to play there. We had a great reception from a great audience and can't thank Fairport enough for including us in such a fantastic lineup of bands. Also thanks for all the kind comments ( even from some that 'don't like Quo'!) There are some reviews of our performance here and there are some photos in our gallery. For general information on the event and a few more festival photos go to


Belper Leisure Centre, Belper, Derbyshire (with Queen tribute QEII)  22 October 2005
We repeated the Quo/Queen gig experience last weekend. QEII put on a fantastic show and the event was attended by even more people than last year. Thanks to Pink Pirate promotions for booking us again for this most enjoyable event. 'We will, we will rock you!!' Thanks also to Susie Q and Dave, Gentleman Joe, Joe G, Big D and everyone else who rocked the night away with us.

Potters Snooker Club, Langley Mill, Derbyshire  23 April 2005
It was great to see those of you that came to Potters Snooker Club recently to see us - hope you all liked Profits new hairstyle. This wass a gig with a great atmosphere and a predominantly rock oriented audience - what more can we say? Well worth travelling out of town for some heads down, no-nonsense boogie.

The Horse and Groom, Derby  5 March 2005
Well, we think the barstaff were a bit taken aback at all the phone calls they got while we were setting up asking where the venue was to be found. Even Susie Q and Dave got lost trying to find it and they saw us there last November! The place was VERY full (and hot) by the time we started the first number and we very much appreciated the call back for a second encore. We'll be back here later in the year.


The Horse and Groom, Derby  20 Nov 2004
It was a looonnnng time since we last played this venue, but it's local so we got back home at a reasonable hour. This gig was Alan Tadcasters Birthday Bash, but he was kept too busy to say hello to many of you that came along. We will be returning to this venue in the New Year

Potters Snooker Club, Langley Mill, Derbyshire  16 Oct 2004
We made another appearance at Potters on Saturday 16 October and played a heavier set this time out. It's a great little venue and has the atmosphere that a true 'rock' gig should have which provided us with the opportunity to play a few numbers that we haven't played for a while as well as one that is a new one for us (but we're not telling ya what it is!)

Reliving 1986: Quo support for Queen  18 Sept 2004
We played a joint gig with Queen tribute QEII at Belper Leisure Centre on 18 September. This gig was like reliving a great Quo gig from 1986. Nice to see so many faces we already know in the crowd. It's also the first time we've blown the fuse and caused a blackout, due to the PA guys rig and lights both having been plugged into the same ring main. It's an easy mistake to make and in a strange way it helped break the ice and get the evening going. Thanks to everyone for turning up and showing their support

Derby Beer Festival 2004  9 July 2004
The Derby Beer Festival on 9 July, organised by CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) was a major attraction during the summer. We were looking forward to this one hugely and it didn't disappoint. When we had the privilege of playing there last year it proved to be a fantastic gig for us - and the crowd too judging by the reaction - and this year return visit was about as good as it gets. Pat Sparks had a whale of a time with the excellent inhouse lighting rig at his disposal and the audience were great (No doubt all that beer helped!). The gig was recorded and some live clips will be posted here at some time. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great night for us, especially Sid who did a great sound job for us at the mixing desk ** view gallery photos **

The Navigation, Shardlow  21 May 2004
Thanks to those that saw us at the Nav in Sharlow. A big hello to Suzie Q (we'll be waiting for a review!) and to Tracy (who had travelled from Scotland!) This venue has to be the smallest place we have ever played - no room for our lighting rig - but the atmosphere was friendly and intimate. We all enjoyed the gig immensely and for once we got to bed at a reasonable hour with the venue being just a few miles outside of Derby!

QUOvention, Crewe  13 March 2004
Wow! What a fantastic weekend that was. The Quovention, held at The Limelight Club in Crewe on 13 March 2004, was organised by our good friends State of Quo and by all accounts was the best Quovention to date. For those that attended we give a big thankyou for rockin' your socks off from the very first chord. Our setlist for the night was Caroline, Don't Waste My Time, Ring of a Change, Accident Prone, Blue Eyed Lady, Down The Dustpipe, Rollin' Home, Most of the Time, Rockers Rollin', Heavy Traffic, The Wild Ones, Whatever You Want, Break The Rules, Rockin' All Over The World, Down Down, Slow Train and Rain. Some photos of this years event can be found here


Quo backstage Meet and Greet in Nottingham  1 Dec 2003
We were invited for a meet and greet with Quo when they played at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham during their Riffs tour. What a fantastic day it was for us! We're still buzzin’ from it now. Take a look at the gallery here to see some photos taken on the day