The Navigation, Shardlow, Derbyshire - 21 May 2004    review by Suzie Q

The excellent gig was actually at The Navigation Shardlow in Derbyshire last Friday evening. Only the 3rd time Dave and I have seen Shameless Quo and the 1st time we have seen them do a "proper" set and not a "convention" set, and I have to say we were very impressed. It helps that they are such a lovely bunch of lads who have been friends for years ...and it shows. The venue was a small country pub run by Kim and Ian, who I have to say are the friendliest landlord and lady I have ever met....nothing was too much trouble. Thank you.
The place was packed to the rafters. The set list was as follows:
Opened up with the drone......
       Francis Rissole welcomes everyone and they continue with, in my honest opinion the best track they played all night
      Andy Round you rock mate on that "Gob Iron". Great vocal harmonies from the front men too.
   ...thank you so much for doing this one....even if you did muck up the intro ever so slightly....shhhhhhh!!!! Love that track and SOQ just do not play it enough.....are you listening lads?
Then two great crowd pleasers:
       Pat Sparks appeared from nowhere and thoroughly enjoyed the audience participation in these two tracks. Then:
      ...bit of a scary time for Rick Profit, his fingers seized up on his left hand...not nice...(remember my conversation with you after the gig Paul!!! Get it sorted mate). 10 mins long a little shorter than SOQ, but a damn sight better than Quo these days that’s for sure!!
       The hits just kept on coming. Time for the loo its...
WYW - Which the crowd were singing so loud I couldn’t escape it even in the toilet!!
ROLL OVER LAY DOWN was next up...that was excellent too lads. Then....Oh .......dear....
BURNING BRIDGES....followed by
      ...That’s it I’m off...coat on!!! Just about to disappear when they redeem themselves by striking up the opening chords to
DOWN DOWN - the first Quo single I ever bought......helped to put it to No1 I did... EXCELLENT.....coats off and after moving a dining table and four chairs out of the way...we at last had room to "Rock"
That’s all folks...Lads go off...The crowd cheer for more. Back on for
PAPER PLANE merging into
BYE BYE JOHNNY...Rick Profit taking the lead vocals...very nice they were too.
Off again
Back on again to tumultuous applause and screaming. "Oh go on then" says Francis Rissole We are treated to:
THE MILTON KEYNES MEDLEY...with Rick Profit treating us to a superb guitar solo. Well done lads for a very entertaining "Mix" of everything from the last 30 years.

Conclusion: If you are NOT just into heavy album tracks from the early albums...then THESE are the lads to see. They do something to please everyone. They are a "Happy" "Funloving" bunch of guys who entertain a crowd perfectly. I for one would recommend them and would go and see them again.

QUOvention 2004, 13th March 2004 - The Limelight Club, Crewe

review by Suzie Q

SUZIE Q ---------- Prologue:
I thought about just doing a short and sweet gig review…’cos lets face it one word says it all: AWESOME and when I went to put that on the board and read other peoples reports I thought, Yeap…I don’t need to do one ‘cos everyones comments and reports tell you everything…THE DAY WAS SUPERB. I have very little else to add. Anyway I will apologise in advance for not too many details, just loads of waffle, ‘cos to tell you the truth, I was enjoying myself so much, I made no notes whatsoever and this lot is coming from a very hazy memory. Anyway here goes: Quovention 2004 This was the 3rd Quovention to be held at The Limelight in Crewe. For those who have never seen this place, it is a converted Church with the main stage being in, what Bad Ex refers to as, the Dungeon! Since we were last there, they have expanded next door and put a café bar with a smaller stage for bands to play on. A conservatory and quiet area. Very nice…..but we weren’t here to be quiet!!!! NO NO NO….. we were here to be NOISY… Mikey and Paul opened up proceedings with an Acoustic Set: Shy Fly Claudie Lakky Lady Antique Angelique Nanana Dustpipe Then Mark Cantellow performed In My Chair Spinning Wheel Blues with TMK on harmonica I can’t quite remember if you did anymore folks…I was busy popping in and out trying to sell merchandise.. Mikey then played Warning Shot with Michael Halls on vocals. Next up, was as someone on the board described like an Asda special offer…Buy Two Get One Free…….It was an outfit called: RISING FORCE…and they were This is what they played: Caroline Roll Over Lay Down Medley: Railroad, Wildside, Slowtrain Don’t Waste My Time And I for one would just like to thank them, they were bloody brilliant Videos, a Video Quiz by TMK (see Bad Ex account of this…it is hilarious) Raffle, Sales of Quo Memorabilia…the whole place was just buzzing. You could feel the atmosphere building as the place filled up, with a steady trickle of board members and joe public. Lots more chatting and hugging ensued. Decided to have a wander about upstairs ‘ cos it was getting really stuffy downstairs and there were lots more people up there in “Tull Creche” as it has been named by Bad Ex…..Flattened 3rd and 5th I think I got the numbers wrong when he introduced himself…sorry..HTW, Ianski, either Mad Quo Fan or Quo Maniac from Blackpool who I remember I asked: Had a chat with Spike… well tried to..she’s awfully quiet…that is until Tadcaster comes on stage……sorry I will rephrase that…when the main man walks on the stage….then she is rampant like a caged animal as Bad Ex suggested.. throwing her thong at him and sporting a Tadcaster Fan Club T. Shirt and Backstage Pass…her and Lesley were hilarious…..well done girls for the entertainment.

SHAMELESS……( I’m that tired that I just typed that and H. Samuels came up!!!) They came on around 6.00pm I think..it really wasn’t a day for clock watchin’…if anything it was a day for clock stoppin’. They really got the crowd going. I unfortunately didn’t do a setlist and I did ask the guys for a setlist after the gig but they forgot…I have been on your website lads and there aint one there either…maybe you could stick one on here after the review. However…I thought you sounded FANTASTIC this year… and I know speaking to you all in the hotel after, that you were pleased with your performance this year…no colds you see…. Playing a complete contrast to SOQ…and therefore keeping all fans happy…specially the Tadcaster Fan Club on the front row….he was luvvin’ it…Well done Spike and Lesley…great stuff!!

Bit of a break now while everyone has a bite to eat and various curry houses and chinese fill up. See Bad Ex accounts of that section of the day…. Apologies now at this stage because I was enjoying the gig so much and just got lost in the music.. Something Goin on In My Head Spinning Wheel Blues, featuring the wonderful Andy Round on Harmonica April Spring Summer and Wednesdays I don’t think the lads stopped smiling all night. Mikey and Paul talked to the crowd all through the gig at various intervals whilst they were constantly retuning their guitars..they were playing that hard. Rain up next and the place is a mass of shoogling bodies. Hold you Back has the crowd jumpin’ and I could actually feel the floor moving under my feet. SOQ really do deserve a niche in the temple of fame for this performance. Another new one(for SOQ) after Paul has dried his face on his new towel..It said “Arse” on one side and “Face” on the other…Is that to match your Superman dressing gown Paul? NEED YOUR LOVE……great stuff they really have the crowd by the goolies now…sorry ladies…but you know what I mean!! They nip of stage to shouts of “MORE” from the crowd.


Everyone is just so happy and blown away at what they have just witnessed. “Money well spent” “Awesome” “Gobsmacked” “When is next years?” “Bloody amazing”….these were just a few comments made to me. In fact every positive adjective in the book must have been used to describe the whole Quovention experience. Some might say I am biased…..I’m not…If the bands were crap…I would tell you…but they weren’t…ask anyone who was there and they will tell you the same…..I just waffle on for 8 pages ‘cos I don’t want to forget a single piece of the day.

QUOvention 2 - 15th March 2003 - The Limelight Club, Crewe

JJHERMESTON ---------- Starting from the top, my ears are still ringing, my neck is very sore, my back is rather stiff, my legs feel like lumps of lead, the result of yet another fantastic convention. "Shameless" were brilliant and "State of" were awesome as usual. Add in some great videos and the quiz plus a few halfs of shandy and it all made for one hell of a do. Good to meet some old mates and make a few new ones, roll on next year.

NEVER SAY NEVER ----------And I`m suffering from `All of the above' symptoms, but wasn`t it all worth it, oh

SPIKEAROONY ---------- Tadcaster is more HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA than last year

HEAVY TRAFFIC WARDEN ---------- Shameless Quo were great, we went to the front and rocked! We were all starving, so set out to find a curry house. We followed Ian (yes, again!) We found Crappy and some food club members, but there was no room at the inn for us! We walked back, and found an indian, next door to the Limelight!! At this point we lost our two Geordie friends, but met up with Lost my hair and his wife. We got in and Shameless were in there!(minus wigs!). Lesley

T.M.K ---------- SATURDAY 15TH MARCH : SHAMELESS QUO : Before long the first of the 2 featured bands were up on stage, not as if you couldn’t spot who it was, as obviously they had those dead animals stuck on their bonces once more. Shameless Quo say on their site that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and thank goodness, because my opinion has not changed from last year: I just cannot take them seriously when looking at those blasted wigs!! I really thought ol Frankie Risole might have bought a new one by now, but he insisted on standing up there like a dodgy Pat-Sharp-with-mullet reject!!!!!

Musically they were a bit tighter than last year (when Andy had only been with them for a few gigs), but a cold or two prevented the backing vocals from being as good as they can be. They still have a very interesting and varying set list (although nothing from the 60’s era), but the main difference this year was that Big Steve’s (Andy Round) piano work was much more confident. Naturally his harmonica playing was as awesome as I remembered, and to me he really took that band up a notch or 2 with some of those notes he walloped on the chunks of metal and reed. Caroline, Down The Dustpipe, Don’t Waste My Time, Again And Again, Ring Of A Change, Don’t Drive My Car, Jam Side Down, Accident Prone, Rollin’ Home, Rolling Home, Most Of The Time, Heavy Traffic, The Wild Ones, Whatever You Want, Break The Rules, Burning Bridges, Rockin' All Over The World, SlowTrain, Down Down . Rockers Rollin Roll Over Lay Down

I have a secret theory now that Profit (Rick in Shameless Quo) is actually Redrockin. I say this because having met the man on entering the venue, each time I spoke to him thereafter he referred to me as “TM”. No dots, and no K on the end, just “TM” which Mr Rockin has done for the past couple of years. Haha

Quoling summed it up best from someone who has been present both years: “Great weekend, good bands, they played well, nice people there, brilliant to see old friends again and make new ones….. but it was slightly lacking ‘something’ for those of us who were here last year”.

Still we have to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped organise it, to both Shameless Quo and State Of Quo for a great couple of sets, and particularly to Paul “SOQ” Carr for all his tiresome hard work he put in, making sure the weekend was a fabulous one for so many people. Also a big Happy Birthday to both Paul and Mikey from State-Of who celebrated over the weekend – although I still don’t think either of them look a day over 50 myself (tee hee).

CRAPMODEM ---------- Actually my favourite part of the weekend was seeing the look on T.M.K's face when I pointed to Andy Round and said, "Colin, meet a PROPER keyboard player".

Shameless Quo Christmas Bash

21st December 2002 - Sargeant Peppers, Burton Road, Derby

TWOD ----------------------------After a 50-mile trek through the best of England's winter rain we (Burning Bridge, Dutch and myself) arrived at Sergeant Peppers at Derby to witness Shameless Quo's Christmas Bash. Entered S.Peppers and Dutch said to me "I wasn't expecting this!". At first sight, the size (or lack of) of the stage may put off some punters, but the band managed to shoehorn themselves on there, especially the drummer. Had a quick chat with Tadcaster in the bar before he put on his "stage gear" and then waited for the show to start.

The band entered the stage with the customary wigs and moustaches. and soon got the show on the road with what else but Caroline, then straight into the classics of Backwater & Little Lady, damn I thought "No Most Of The Time following Little Lady". A couple of strangers to any live set followed: Don't Drive My Car & Rollin' Home, both sounding excellent. Don't Waste My Time, Rain & Mystery Song (nice intro) came along after. Yes! They then played Most Of The Time. Then a bit of a surprise (well, for me anyway), Heavy Traffic belted out, very impressive it was too. Another corker with In My Chair then the crowd went bananas as loads of women jumped in front of us and started something that resembled a dance (maybe!). I won't repeat what I said to Dutch at this moment.

Crickey, Jam Side Down! Now it's not exactly my favourite but they did it justice. In fact, they played it too good, far better than Quo's own version. Now if the single had sounded this good there would have been even more happy Quo fans around. Down The Dustpipe exploded and what a performance from the Harp and then hold onto your ears because Big Fat Mama is next Fan-bloomin-tastic!

After that, another blistering performance, especially from "Andy Round" on the keyboard and Harp again with Break The Rules. A stunning performance of Roll Over Lay Down came next then after that it's hold on to your bits. Why? Burning Bridges, that's why! Now, I'm known for not liking Burning Bridges but when it's played live you have to bounce don't you? A slight change to the original setlist as the band seem to have exhausted themselves. Take it easy (well for the first couple of minutes anyway) with a cracking "full" version of 4500 Times, this was followed by another (full) crowd pleaser: Rockin' All Over The World.

Then to the finale, consisting of three top tunes Down Down, Paper Plane & of course, Bye Bye Johnny. What a great gig and the crowd seemed (sorry - DID) enjoy it thoroughly too. Wait a minute, there's the encore! I wonder what they'll play? Whoo-hoo! A full version of Slowtrain.

Had a good chat with "Andy Round" and "Alan Tadcaster" after the show to tell them how good it was. Nice buch of guys. It was great to meet you both at last after speaking to you on the MB. What an excellent night guys, you really kicked ass. That 100-mile round trip was well worth it. I can't wait to hear you again. See you at at the Crewe Convention. Roll on March 15th. Shameless Quo and State of Quo. What another excellent night it will be. We all left the venue with big smiles on our faces.

DUTCH ---------------------------- Thanks to all you guys in Shameless, you really did blow my socks off!! It threw me a bit a first to see the 'RickParfitt' doing the solos, but you certainly can play them well. As for the rest of you, fantastic guys keep it up! Looking forward to hearing and seeing you again in March. Well worth the trip (especially as Twod was driving - Cheers Mate!) And for those who haven't seen Shameless DO IT!

QUOZONE --------------------------- I saw them at The Victoria in Coalville months ago and they were great then, but this one sounds even better, and the setlist looks longer too. I'll catch them at Derby next time.

Shameless Kick Ass in Notts

10th March 2001 - The Lion, Mosely Street, Nottingham

Woh! What a night. This was definitely the best that I have seen 'em. The venue was shaking for a solid 2 hrs. The floor was bouncing (if u read this Red you missed a great night).The new one to the set "Big Fat Mama" went well for its first time out. Can't remember the exact order but set included Caroline, Backwater, Accident Prone, Little Lady, Slow train, 4500 Times (the full versions, all the lead breaks spot on), Mystery song, Bridges, raotw, Big Fat Mama, Paper plane, Down Down, In my Chair, What ever u Want, and others that I can't remember, alcohol and all that. The light show was as ever well done - the pencil beam lights gave a great effect in certain songs. Nice to see some new faces, as well as the Nuneaton army. The lads in all gave 150% as ever, just like the real thing.
Joe G

Sargeant Peppers, Burton Road, Derby

October 2000 - Joe G

Just to let you know what I thought of "Shameless Quo" .Having got there rather early was able to see the lot from sound check right through. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting to see ,Maybe a piss take, or what really, but I have to say what a good night was had by all. The lads in the band were very good,the sound was excellent,and every thing was like Quo could have been, I thought that when it came down to the lead break in 45 hundred that ,then I would be able to say that "that bit werent right" but the lads got it perfect.I can strongly recommended going to see them, cos if like me you need to get a Quo fix every now and again then cover bands like this certianly help fill the gaps between tours.I've seen Quo over fifty times,and I'm sure I could go and listen to "Shameless Quo" just as often.
Even my missus was having a good old boogie,
I think the wine loosened her up a bit

Sargeant Peppers, Burton Road, Derby

October 2000 - It's Only Rock'n'Roll magazine

You might think you've seen 'em before formed as Piledriver in '79. Shameless Quo happened in '98 when they focused on creating a Quo tribute band, now unrivalled in the Midlands and possibly the UK. I'd heard of them but hadn't seen them, maybe the reason was, the band have concentrated on getting together a 3 hour set which provided an enormous amount of variation for live gigs. Also a top quality P.A system and lighting rig complete the performance. The Quo boys have recorded Paper Plane and Ring of a Change for an international Quo tribute album being produced in London, more info later.

A packed house at Sgt. Peppers, all thanks to Shameless Quo, the only band to pull the crowd and set the till ringing last year. We just had to go and see them on their return gig. Half full when we got there, and by the time the band came on there wasn;t room to swing a cat. Shameless Quo giving us Quo's finest hour or three. This was a night of 12 bar Rock & Boogie a couple of songs into the set and feet are tappin' and so Shameless Quo moved up a gear, any minute now somebody's going to get up and play air guitar. There's shouts for Paper Plane and In My Chair, the famous intro to Whatever You Want, the band do the Quo moves, the sound spot on and the place is buzzin'. Everybody's having a rockin good night, all to soon it's over, the place is still packed.

I've seen a lot of good bands at Sgt.Peppers and the crowds have drifted away, but not tonight, Shameless Quo a full house.